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5 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Furnace Clean and Check

Many homeowners mistakenly think skipping regular maintenance appointments on their HVAC system saves them money. But this in fact actually costs you money, as well as costs you in other ways. Your furnace is an investment you need to maintain and protect. Here are five reasons we at Legends Mechanical recommend you schedule your annual fall furnace clean and check before the colder temperatures hit here in Utah or Idaho.

1. Your energy bills will be lower.

Keeping your furnace inspected and tuned up allows it to do what it needs to do in peak-performance mode. When your furnace is dirty from accumulating dust and debris, it slows down and needs to work harder to achieve the same output for you. Working harder equates to expending more energy and increasing your utility bills.

2. You will avoid unexpected costly repairs.

While a professional technician is checking and cleaning your furnace, he or she notices if a part is experiencing wear and tear or if something is amiss. You are notified at the end of the appointment with recommendations for replacements or repairs. This prevents unexpected emergency breakdowns, like during Thanksgiving dinner or in the middle of a weekend night, when rates are higher.

3. You will help extend your furnace’s lifespan.

Just as any other piece of machinery, when you properly maintain it, it will last longer. Neglecting furnace clean and checks causes dirt and debris buildup and unnecessary wear and tear on parts. Naturally this is going to stress your machine and lead to a shorter life. You can expect a lifespan of 15 to 20 years with a typical gas furnace if it’s appropriately maintained.

4. Your home’s airflow will be stronger and cleaner.

Your furnace is integral to your home’s airflow. All air passing through your HVAC system eventually makes its way to your lungs. Having a dirty filter and furnace is going to force particles, normally stopped by your furnace, into your home’s air. On top of that, when your furnace is not able to work at full capacity, due to poor maintenance, the air circulating through flows at diminished rates. As a result, your heated air will not be as strong, and your home will not heat as quickly.

5. You will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

When you purchase a new furnace, the manufacturer issues an accompanying warranty. Most specify in their warranty what they expect you to do with maintenance to support the normal health of your system. By neglecting regular clean-and-check appointments, you may be making your warranty invalid.

In order to reap the full benefits of your furnace, you must properly take care of it by scheduling clean-and-check appointments every year. Our Legends Mechanical professionals see first hand the results of a well cared for HVAC system, as well as those neglected. Support your furnace by scheduling your appointment and calling us today.

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